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Education for Agency Recruiters on Everything You Need to Know to Become a Top Biller

So you can work less, bill more, and have greater success.


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I am very excited to have you here to learn more about what I can offer you to become a better recruiter. I have launched my first training but there is more than just that! The aim of this training is to teach newcomers to recruitment or people who already are recruiters but feel like they can do more and get better results. 

There are many different types and approaches to recruitment. You will see more details on this in the training. 

I post at least 5 times a week tips and tricks on my Linkedin profile and in our Facebook group. So connect and join us!

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The 6 Steps to Recruitment Success

Everything you need to know to start or grow your career in recruitment


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I'm Gavin.

This training is based on my 18 years’ experience as an agency recruiter. The approach has allowed me to bill yearly over 1 million USD in margin. I will teach you the fundamentals of how to place freelance contractors (known as staffing in the US). At the end of the training you will be able to run a successful 360 recruitment desk. From feedback I have received from experts at least 60-70% of the training is also valid for the placement of candidates in permanent jobs (known as direct hire in the US). If you have any experience in permanent/direct hire recruitment, I am very interested in getting your feedback on the validity of the training for this form of recruitment.


This is a first step and a first training. The aim is to develop much more content over time so bookmark this page and come back regularly!



"Gavin is undoubtedly one of the best recruiters in the contracting world: he knows his market better than most, matches consultants with companies for optimal result for both parties and is there to help, assure, and advise: unfailingly committed and always available. I think that after 15 years being a contractor and knowing/dealing with many recruiters, I can say that Gavin is an absolute credit to his profession, consistently focused and delivering outstanding quality work. Would I work with Gavin again? I would not blink twice before saying yes."


"I've known Gavin since 2005, he has been the best recruitment agent I have ever met. He is very responsive, flexible in his approach, and will go the extra mile to ensure we are 100% satisfied. Gavin is an enthusiastic, very smart, strong business minded professional and always supportive in any deal we had. I very much like to work with him and would have no hesitation to recommend him."